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who we are

Le Sol is a hospitality company and members house for like-hearted individuals in Dallas, Texas. We cultivate holistic well-being through  emphasizing community, the arts, wellness, creativity, and travel—from our membership houses to our events and group travel experiences. Our mission, in Dallas and beyond, is to hold space for Le Sol’s community to come together, share ideas, work, connect, heal, and explore.


Our intention is to bring creatives together through all of our events. We offer an array of monthly events tailored around connection. From events focused around wellness to strictly social events, we have something for everyone. We frequently partner with businesses locally and nationally to curate unique experiences for our community. Our events at Le Sol House and Château Le Sol are open to both members and non-members.


From weekly wellness classes to workshops and events, Le Sol is a safe space where you can come as you are and heal in community. Our wellness classes are accessible to all and are focused around bringing you comfort and peace. We collaborate with practitioners and healers locally and nationally to give you new resources on your healing journey.


Our transformational luxury travel experiences range from exotic group getaways and spiritual awakenings to custom travel planning. Le Sol Travel has been to Mexico City, Morocco, Paris, India and beyond. We organize group experiences and also work with clients on a one-on-one basis to bring their travel dreams and visions to life. For each adventure, we call on our incredible relationships around the world to help us execute every detail.

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At Le Sol, we're holding space for the community to gather, share ideas, work, connect, heal and explore. Becoming a member is the greatest way to experience all that Le Sol has to offer. You'll have access to both Le Sol House and Château Le Sol as well as discounts on events, classes and retail. 

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