Le Sol 


Sol Much Love

A sanctuary tucked away in Dallas' Bishop Arts Neighborhood. 

When you step through Le Sol House doors, you’ll be instantly captured by the effortless elegance - that certain je ne sais quoi.  Each space has been intentionally created with custom-designed moments and one-of-a-kind vintage pieces to bring our signature Le Sol aesthetic to life.

Sol Sessions 

A private backyard concert with an opening act from Abraham Alexander followed by a full set from the Grammy winner Leon Bridges. 

Full Moon Party 

A spiritual celebration under the light of the full moon! A night was full of surprises with special apperances from a tattoo artist,  tarot card reader and soundbath healer. 

Turn In To Turn On 

A day of somatic and tantric practices focused on helping shift and move through the body's energetic blocks.  Going deep beneath your emotions and stories to reconnect with your inner essence and reclaim your true self.


Who we are

Part spiritual, part social; a collective of artists, entrepreneurs, founders, thinkers, creatives, and like hearted humans in Dallas.