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Le Sol Membership 


Le Sol house has all all the space you need to be productive while getting your social fix. 

Sol Community

A space for the community to gather, work connect, heal, dance, laugh and .... insert text here and some more text here.

Culinary Experiences

Exclusive Partner Discounts

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Le Sol Experience

  • ​Access to Le Sol House and Château Le Sol and all of their amenities during our open hours. 

  • Discounts on all of our events at both spaces.

  • 3 wellness classes included a month. 

  • 15% off of retail.

  • Two guest passes per visit at Le Sol House; one guest pass per visit at Château Le Sol.

  • Member Only events and VIP benefits at certain events

  • First booking access for Le Sol Travel. 

$250 a month / $500 initiation fee


Le Sol House 

Monday Closed

Tuesday-Friday 10-5pm

Saturday 10-12pm

Sunday Closed

Château Le Sol

Monday-Tuesday Closed

Wednesday-Thursday 3pm-7pm

Friday-Saturday 12pm-7pm

Sunday 12pm-5pm

Le Sol House

  • Access to Le Sol House and the "work from Sol" benefits: a weekly space to work, have meetings, and enjoy our café.

  • Discounts on all events at Le Sol House.

  • 1 wellness class included a month.

  • 15% off of retail.

  • Two guest passes per visit to Le Sol House. 

  • Access to Château Le Sol day passes ($40 a day) and to certain events at Château Le Sol.

  • Priority booking for Le Sol Travel. 

$105 a month / $300 initiation fee


Is there a membership commitment?

We require a three month commitment. After three months, the member may cancel on a month to month basis. We ask for a 30 days’ notice if you decide to cancel your membership.

Do you have an out-of-town membership discount?

If you live 25 miles or more away from Le Sol, you will receive a 15% discount on your monthly membership dues.


I'm a member, when am I able to bring guests to the spaces with me? 

Le Sol Experience & Le Sol House members have up to two guest passes for Le Sol House, and Le Sol Experience members have one guest for Château Le Sol. Members can bring guests to the spaces during open hours. Guests can purchase tickets to events or classes separately. 

I can’t make it to an event or class that I booked. What is your cancellation policy?

We kindly ask that you let us know if you won’t be able to attend an event or class that you booked at least 24 hours in advance so we can open up that spot to another member or guest. If notice is given 24 hours in advance, we will issue a full refund. If you are cancelling a social event, please email To cancel a wellness event or class, please email


I’m interested in renting out one of the spaces for a private event. Who do I ask about that?

We do not host personal private events, like weddings, showers, or birthday parties. However, if you are a brand, business, photographer, or wellness practitioner, please visit our Rental Inquiries page for more information on renting out our spaces. 


What if I don't want to be

photographed while I'm at Le Sol House?

Given the nature of our space, our photographer is constantly on site capturing the daily happenings of Le Sol and the people in it. If you wish not to be photographed or possibly featured on our website and/or social media platforms, please email


I have other questions about the memberships. Who do I contact?

Please contact with any other general Le Sol or membership related questions.

What can non-members do at Le Sol House and Château Le Sol?

Our events and wellness classes at both properties are open to non-members. If you have purchased a ticket to one of our wellness classes, you are welcome to order a to-go beverage from our café. We have day passes available to Le Sol House for non-members to come work from the space. We do not have day passes to Château Le Sol. 

Are dogs and/or 

children allowed at Le Sol House and Château Le Sol?

The Le Sol properties are designed for adults, however, Le Sol House aims to be child-friendly. Please be considerate of other members when you bring children, who count as part of your guest allowance, to Le Sol House. Children are not allowed at Château Le Sol.  We also do not allow dogs (except for staff "house dogs") at either property unless they are certified emotional support dogs. 

I'm a Le Sol House member. What do I have access to at Château Le Sol?

If you are a Le Sol House member, you have access to Château Le Sol day passes, available Wednesday through Sunday for $40 a day. Le Sol House members also have access to certain events at Château Le Sol, but their events' discount is not applied. 

Do you have other member rules? What about a Diversity and Inclusion Statement?

You can review our House Guidelines for both Le Sol House and Château Le Sol here as well as review our commitment to diversity and inclusion in our Le Sol community. 

What is Le Sol House like?

Le Sol House is a charming, Parisian inspired home with spaces for working and gathering. There is a café, large backyard for outdoor events, and two spacious wellness studios. We also have chickens, a garden, and a trough pool for members to enjoy. 

What is Château Le Sol like?

Château Le Sol is situated on .7 acres across the street from Le Sol House. It is surrounded by a lush, private wall of bamboo and has a pool and hot tub. The two story home was built in 1925 and has space for a communal art studio, a sun bathing deck, and rooms for our members to lounge and gather. 

How do members use the spaces?

Members enjoy using Le Sol House and Château Le Sol as a homes away from home during the week. You can find many members working on their laptops while sipping on a drink from our café, having meetings, or catching up with a friend by the pool at Château. 


Le Sol Memberships 

Le Wellness Addition

When applied to either Le Sol Experience or Le Sol House memberships, all weekly wellness classes and the wellness events listed below at Le Sol House are included in your membership. Wellness events at Château Le Sol will be 30% off.

New Moon Circle

Full Moon Circle

A Night of Reiki

Sol Soundbath

Moonlight Yoga & Sound

$100 addition to monthly membership dues

*Speciality Workshops and Trainings are not included.

Le Sol House

Day Passes

If you are a non-member interested in experiencing Le Sol House and our community for the day, we have day passes available Tuesday through Friday 10-5pm.  

At Le Sol, we're holding space for the community to gather, share ideas, work, connect, heal, and explore. Join our collective of artists, entrepreneurs, founders, thinkers, creatives, and like-hearted humans.

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