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At Le Sol House, we’re holding space for the community to gather, share ideas, work, connect and explore.



A café style workspace dedicated to a balanced lifestyle of community, well-being, and your optimal work flow.

Sol Studio 

Weekly offerings include yoga, meditation and movement classes. This is a space to heal, connect, explore, breathe, laugh and dance - all things that nourish you at a Sol level.


Live Music, Wine Tastings, Art Parties, Movie Nights and Private intimate dinners. Le Sol Programming events are a feast for the senses, designed to create deeper connections to both old and new friends. Peep our past events! 


Enjoy café & fresh pressed juices all day. Breakfast and Lunch will be available through our partner Tribal All Day Cafe. 


More to be revealed soon on our exclusive community partnerships.

Le Lounge 

Wind down the workflow when the music gets a little louder and  lounge vibes take over.   A throwback to slower times when you lingered over coffee or cocktails in deep conversations. 

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Le Sol house has all all the space you need to be productive while getting your social fix. 

Sol Community

A space for the community to gather, work connect, heal, dance, laugh and .... insert text here and some more text here.

Culinary Experiences

Exclusive Partner Discounts

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