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Le Sol house has all all the space you need to be productive while getting your social fix. 

Sol Community

A space for the community to gather, work connect, heal, dance, laugh and .... insert text here and some more text here.

Culinary Experiences

Exclusive Partner Discounts

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Whether it's immersive signature experiences or bespoke luxury arrangements for clients, we leverage our global network to meticulously orchestrate every aspect of your travels. Taking Sol with you, wherever you go.

Travel Membership

About the Membership

Experiencing first class travel with exclusive Le Sol perks

Welcome to Le Sol Travel, where your dream vacations become a reality. For a one-time yearly fee of $250, you gain exclusive access to a world of luxury travel experiences and tailor-made services designed to elevate your adventures.

With this membership, you have access to a multitude of benefits, including custom itineraries, exclusive amenities at discerning hotels, first access to our Le Sol Signature trips and so much more. Learn more below.

Le Sol Travel Members are...

travelers that appreciate comfort, luxury and intentionally elevated accommodations 

Le Sol Travel Members are...

individuals that value, trust and utilize their Le Sol travel agent for advice, guidance and support with their upcoming excursion(s)

Le Sol Travel Members are...

ready to place service before cost - not necessarily searching for the lowest rate, but are searching for the benefits that come with booking through an agency like Le Sol

We believe that travel should be more than just a trip; it should be an unforgettable experience. Join Le Sol Travel today and transform the way you explore the world. Your adventure awaits. 

Receive detailed itineraries and guides curated to your entire trip, ensuring your experience the best that each destination has to offer.

Tailor-Made Itineraries

Gain access to amenities when booking through Le Sol Travel - this includes all five-star hotels, enhancing your stay with luxurious perks.

Exclusive Amenities 

Resort Credits

Breakfast Included

Upgrade on Arrival

Early Check in / Late Check Out

VIP Perks

Receive personalized itineraries, gifting and special treats from Le Sol based on the category of your bookings.

Personalized Gifting

Be the first to secure your spot on our bespoke Le Sol Travel trips, which includes both Signature and Le Sol and Friends excursions.

Member Trips

Stay inspired and in the know with our member emails - featuring top destinations, new hotels and travel tips from our experts. 

In Your Inbox

What's Included

Our Hotel Program

Upcoming Sol Trips

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