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Le Sol FAQ


What is the membership commitment?

We require a six month commitment. After six months, the member may cancel on a month to month basis, however, we require a 30 days’ notice if you decide to cancel your membership.


Do you have an out-of-town membership discount?

If you live 25 miles or more away from Le Sol, you will receive a 15% discount on your monthly membership dues.


I can’t make it to an event or class that I booked. What is your cancellation policy?

We kindly ask that you let us know if you won’t be able to attend an event or class that you booked at least 24 hours in advance so we can open up that spot to another member or guest. If notice is given 24 hours in advance, we will issue a full refund. If you need to cancel, please email


What if I don't want to be

photographed while I'm at Le Sol House?

Given the nature of our space, our photographer is constantly on site capturing the daily happenings of Le Sol and the people in it. If you wish not to be photographed or possibly featured on our website and/or social media platforms, please email


I have other questions about the memberships. Who do I contact?

Please contact with any other general Le Sol or membership related questions.

What can non-members do at Le Sol House and Château Le Sol?

All of our wellness classes at Le Sol House are open to non-members, and most events at both spaces are open to non-members unless the event is indicated as a member-only event. If a non-member would like to spend the day at Le Sol House to work, have meetings, and experience our community longer, we have day passes available here. Château Le Sol is only open to members and their guests for weekly use. 

Are dogs and/or children allowed at Le Sol House and Château Le Sol?

The Le Sol properties are designed for adults, however, Le Sol House aims to be child-friendly. Please be considerate of other members when you bring children, who count as part of your guest allowance, to Le Sol House. Your children are your responsibility at all times when present in the space. Children are not allowed at Château Le Sol.  


I'm a Le Sol House member, can I go to at Château Le Sol?

Le Sol House members have access to Château Le Sol day passes Wednesday through Sunday for $40 a day. You will also have access to events and member-only programming at Château Le Sol. 

Do you have other member rules? What about a Diversity and Inclusion Statement?

You can review our House Guidelines for both Le Sol House and Château Le Sol here as well as read our commitment to diversity and inclusion in our Le Sol community. 

What is Le Sol House like?

Le Sol House is a charming home with many spaces for working, gathering, and taking a wellness class. There is a café, a large backyard for events, and two spacious wellness studios where all of Le Sol's wellness classes take place. Keep an eye out for our chickens too! 

What is Château Le Sol like?

Château Le Sol is situated on .7 acres across the street from Le Sol House. It is surrounded by a lush, private wall of bamboo and has a pool and hot tub. The two story home was built in 1925 and has space for a communal art studio, a sun bathing deck, and rooms for our members to lounge and gather. 

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